Fuzz Feed News Network (FFNN) "Your Furry News Source"

FuzzFeed News Network (FFNN) is a NEW Furry news network, bringing reliable and breaking news to members of the furry fandom around the world! FuzzFeed News Network is comprised of a team of dedicated volunteers who donate their talents behind the scenes to bring you breaking news, photos, video, inspirational stories, and so much more!

Our "MISSION" is to deliver trustworthy, reliable and inspiring news directly to members of the furry fandom by utilizing social media platforms, and FuzzFeedNews.com. By verifying sources, forming strong  relationships with community leaders, and delivering meaningful content. Fuzz Feed News is positions to become the leading  furry news source for the community. Our core values are community, inclusivity, transparency, and professionalism; all of which contribute to Fuzz Feed News Network (FFNN)'s success and growth.