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Screenshot of SPAM EMAIL Source: Further Confusion.

Further Confusion Alerts Followers of Hotel Booking SCAM on "X"

Date: 11.13.2023

Author: FuzzFeed News (FFNN)

On Monday, November 13, 2023 organizers from Further Confusion announced on "X", formerly known as Twitter that they have fallen victim of a hotel booking scam.

In their post organizers shared that "", a third-party booking company sent emails claiming to offer hotel bookings for "Further Confusion 2024: Pixilated". Further Confusion does not have a business agreement with nor has been given permission to promote the event and engage with individuals on behalf of Further Confusion.

IMPORTANT:  "Further Confusion DOES have an ongoing agreement with the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, their executive organization Team San Jose, and other interested parties in relation to our contention space." - Bliz Fox, Further Confusion


Further Confusion officials are  asking  guests "If you receive a suspicious email on our behalf, please forward it to to be verified!".

Guests are encouraged to visit for booking information and questions. 

Guests can follow Further Confusion on "X": and/or Telegram:

*The information above has been provided by Bliz Fox, Further Confusion. 

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Fur-Eh! On The Hunt for a New Con Chair!

Date: 11.09.2023

Author: (FFNN) News Team

Fur-Eh! the largest anthropomorphic convention held annually in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, posted on "X", formerly Twitter on Wednesday in an announcement that "..Con Chair, bcbreakaway, is no longer a part of the convention.".

In the announcement organizers state "we believe it is important to be transparent with our valued Guests, even when it's not good news." This has some guests and followers a bit confuzzled to say the least.

Organizers assured guests that the event is not going anywhere and that they are currently on the hunt to fill the now vacant Con Chair position. 

*FuzzFeed News has reached out to Fur-Eh! Organizers for additional information. We have not heard back at this time. We will post updates as more information becomes available. 

Beloved Furry Apparel Brand Nomad Complex  is Sunsetting Operations

Date: 07.19.2023
Author: (FFNN) News Team

Furry apparel company Nomad Complex Announced today on its Twitter account (@NomadComplex), and their website that they will be selling out their stock and "Sunset Nomad Complex".

In a written statement on their website the company thanked the community for its "outpouring of love and support" over its 8 years of operation. The company shared that it has come face to face with many obstacles including a major increase in orders, issues managing the website backend and frontend, increased costs, and inadequate staffing.

It seems as thought the final straw for Nomad Complex was their lease renewal being rejected. The news has been devastating to furriers familiar with the company. Nomad Complex is not new the the fandom and is one of few furry apparel brands. In their statement titled "The Future of Nomad Complex", they pose the question "Are you disappearing forever? What is the current Plan?". Their answer, "The only answer that we have for you right now is; we don't know.".

In response the the question above they say that they are taking things "step-by-step". The company is being transparent and not shying away from the obstacles that would need to be overcome in order for Nomad Complex to return to its operations.

Furries are referring the news as "heartbreaking" and "devastating" as they react on Twitter. Many thanking Nomad Complex for its contributions and support over its 8 years of operation. Another furry apparel brand, Camp Howel, responded to the news stating "We’re so sorry to hear. The pandemic hurt us deeply and almost put us under a few times. I hope the best for y’all’s team, and I hope this isn’t your final chapter. Take care of yourselves and best of luck."

Though the future of Nomad Complex may not be certain, it certainly has left a lasting impression on the furry fandom, which is hoping to see the beloved company return stronger than ever in the not so distant future. 

Furry Fundraiser Raises Awareness & Funds for ALS Research (July 8th - 28th)

Date: 07.14.2023
Author: (FFNN) News Team
Papa Barks Image Credit: @Boltie_
Photo Details: Rainier fur in Pittsburg, PA while attending Anthrocon 2023.

New to the Fuzz Feed News Team, Papa Barks is a fundraiser which raises awareness and funds for ALS research and has been trending on Twitter and Twitch. Founded by (@marks_barks), Papa Barks encourages furry streamers to participate in the Papa Barks live streaming event. Furry streamers host a variety of live streams and in return ask viewers to donate to Papa Barks.

There are a variety of streams to watch and participate in. Streamers taste exotic foods live, cook, sing karaoke, create art, stream in fursuits, and play games! We had the opportunity to drop into a Twitch stream with two cute and silly furs Puffin Aardwolf (@arrdpuff) and Siggy (@LittlestSiggy) who were streaming a game called PlateUp!

The game takes place in a restaurant and the objective is to take orders, cook, serve, clean, and upgrade the restaurant and equipment so players can serve more customers. Viewers could enter a code in the chat and see a character with their user name enter the restaurant and take a seat. Once seated they could enter a different code to order off the menu.

Siggy worked the front of the house taking orders, washing dishes, cleaning, and serving viewers. Puffin worked the kitchen cooking, plating, and emptying the kitchen trash. Viewers could either make it easier on Siggy and Puffin and order a rare stake which was simple to cook and does not take long to prepare, or they could order a burger with a bun, hamburger, tomatoes, and onions to make Puffin work much harder to complete their order.

Puffin and Siggy shared plenty of laughs and engaged with their audience for hours while collecting donations and sharing information about the Papa Barks fundraiser. Check out their latest Twitch Stream below and consider donating to help them meet, or better yet excceed their fundraising goal!


Meet Fuzz Feed News Anchor and Correspondent RAINIER!

Date: 07.12.2023
Author: (FFNN) News Team
Photo Credit: AargokGnoll
Photo Details: Rainier fur in Pittsburg, PA while attending Anthrocon 2023.

The Fuzz Feed News Team is thrilled to announce that we've expanded our News Team with the addition of our new News Anchor and Correspondent, Rainier!

After contacting Rainier and letting him know he was chosen for his very important role at Fuzz Feed News his first question was "What's my first assignment?", which assured the team we chose the right fur for the position.

Since being notified Rainier has been working tirelessly behind the scenes; seeking news stories, networking with organizers in the furry fandom, and even attending Anthrocon 2023!

Rainier was the swiss army knife out team needed and we are blessed to have him as a member of our outstanding team here at Fuzz Feed News.

If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to congratulate Rainier on his new role at Fuzz Feed News by following him on twitter @RainierFur or by joining the FuzzFeedNews Discord Server.  

Join the Fuzz Feed News Team! Apply Today!

Date: 07.11.2023
Author:  Fuzz Feed News Team
Fursona Illistrator: KuddlyKodiakArt
Graphic Design: RainierFur

We are looking for talented individuals to join our growing Fuzz Feed News Team! 

We are looking for.....

Candidates must have reliable internet services and be willing to learn or have experience using Google applications (Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Calendar).

How do to apply?
Interested individuals must complete the "Fuzz Feed Team Application" by clicking the button below.  Please read the instructions below carefully before submitting your application.

1) Applicants must decide on (1-2) areas of interest to note on their application.  Submitting more than one area of interest or submitting multiple applications will disqualify your application from being considered.

2)  Applicants must have examples of their work/experience for each of the areas of interests they are applying for. Please have this gathered before sending in your application and email it immediately after submitting your application.

3)  Applicants must have access to reliable internet. In order to participate in team meetings and to submit writings, photos, video, music, and etc.

Applications will be  reviewed daily. Someone from the Fuzz Feed News Team will reach out with questions via the email address provided or to let you know if your application was approved. 

Fuzz Feed News Wants to be Your Furry News Source

Date: 07.09.2023
Author: (FFNN) News Team
Graphic Design: Rainier Fur

In a matter of a few short weeks Fuzz Feed News Network (FFNN) was registered with (6) social media platforms, began working on the launch of it's own website. On Twitter (@FuzzFeed_News) has posted 114 Tweets in less than 28 Days with it's most  viral tweet being viewed by over 10,000 Twitter users and had over 1000 engagements!

Over the past few weeks the Fuzz Feed News Team has Tweeted about upcoming furry conventions, special events, charity events, and so much more! The events are from all over the world and are brining members of the furry community together showing just how large the furry fandom truly is.

The team is working on reaching out to organizers in the fandom responsible for the scheduling and planning of FurMeets and other furry events in an effort to promote them on social media and

Members of the fandom are eagerly watching Fuzz Feed News as it expands across social media platforms and reports its findings to followers. Rainier (@RainierFur), Fuzz Feed News Correspondent and News Anchor, said "I am looking forward to Fuzz Feed's future and wakeup excited each day to check on our progress."

Rainier being the most familiar of the News Team with all that is going on behind the scenes at Fuzz Feed News was working on the new Fuzz Feed News Discord Server which is gearing up to give followers of Fuzz Feed News a safe place to watch, read, and interact with the news reported by Fuzz Feed.

Rainier confirmed that Members on the new Discord server will be able to submit photos, videos, and news articles they've written to the News Desk at Fuzz Feed News to be consitered for publication. Members can also submit events such as FurMeets, conventions, and other furry events.

As Fuzz Feed bulldozes forward publishing content, populating social media accounts and engaging organizers the rest of the fandom waits with suspense to see what's next for this rapidly growing furry news outlet.